A Bit About Karen



To be short and sweet, I love making things. I always have.

As a child, I made doll clothes and samplers; I put together plays; I cooked; I dabbled in all sorts of crafts, macramé, decoupage, crewel; and I sewed. I began sewing at 10 and made most everything one could wear for my family and me. Even when the realities of life brought about a career in business, I continued making things and exploring new forms of art. In 1992, I left the corporate world to launch my own company making things. This business flourished as I used my skills as calligrapher and painter to create things that lifted spirits and honored the people in our lives. I began teaching The Artist’s Way and creative workshops to help others develop their creative spirits. I have been artist-in-residence at Emmanuel Monastery in Lutherville, MD, and The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.



These days I work with fabric. I love dyeing and designing surfaces that become quilts and intricate wall hangings as new ways to express my spirit and life experiences. 

My home is in Westminster, Maryland, close to family and friends.

I am fortunate and blessed to have exhibited my work throughout the Mid-Atlantic area and to have created things now in the homes and offices of many wonderful people. This is a good life.